Dorico on multiple logins?

On my Windows desktop, I’ve set up a user login for my son, both for parental controls and to give him his own files and settings.

However, I can’t manage to launch Dorico from his login. It’s there and installed, but when I double-click the icon, nothing happens. Nothing in task manager either.

Am I missing something?

I’m not sure why nothing would happen. You will probably find that your son’s account doesn’t have access to your activated license, because by default the license data lives in an individual user account rather than to the system as a whole – but I would expect Dorico to start up far enough to tell you that. If you look in the application data folder in your son’s account, can you see anything in the Dorico 5 folder? If there are any application.log files in there, zip them up and attach them here so we can see how far the initialisation is getting.

Hi Daniel, is this what you mean? Attached.
Dorico (9.5 KB)

And yes, to clarify, nothing visible happens. No splash, nothing on task manager.

I asked Richard to take a look at this. He thinks the problem is one that can occur if you run Dorico as administrator, and you don’t have an existing cached data directory. So in your son’s user account, using Windows Explorer, go to %TEMP% and delete the Dorico 5 folder you’ll find in there. Then run Dorico again, being sure not to run it as administrator, and hopefully it will fire right up.

Hi Daniel, that worked, thank you. I did have to run activation manager for some reason, but after that it seemed to be fine.