Dorico on OS X 10.10 Yosemite | Troubleshooting Thread


I’d like to start a thread which is a collection of experiences for folks running Dorico on Yosemite (OS X 10.10.+).

Maybe this will be useful in looking for and cross testing oddities that the Yosemite users might be experiencing.

From within ‘write’ mode the context menu for calling upon a System Break doesn’t seem to work for me. but is does work when I’m working within ‘Engrave’ mode.

Is this something that others are also experiencing?

I believe this is intended behaviour, since in write mode we don’t deal with the layout of the score, only inputting notes.

But I see how this can get confusing, when bringing up the menu in write mode, one would guess that the system break menu item looks very clickable. (not greyed out)

I appreciate the sentiment behind your thread title, Jim, but I’m pretty sure it won’t go anywhere, because the only people who could really tell you whether the problems you’re experiencing are specific to the OS you’re running are us at Steinberg. It’s really up to us to organise this information. It’s also generally pretty rare for there to be a functional issue with the software, e.g. like the system break issue you presumably started this thread to ask about, that is specific to a particular OS version. So I think you’re better off just asking the question plainly: “hey, can I make a system break in Write mode, or what?”

I have a lot of different audio software on my MacBook running Yosemite, not all of which is working on Sierra. Since I intend to upgrade to Sierra soon I thought I’d try Dorico on Yosemite, and so far I have not run into any serious problems. I understand that having System Requirements of the two OS’s that can be considered “current” takes into account updates and future additions, but are there any important omissions or potential crash-causing problems lurking with the use of Yosemite?

There are no problems that we’re aware of specific to running Dorico on Yosemite. (Unlike the officially-supported Sierra, for which new problems seem to be cropping up daily…!)

Hello All

I’m looking to download the demo in a few days. I’m running Yosemite… I would like to update to El Capitan, but Apple has hidden that option, and Sierra, well, any audio peep knows not to upgrade until well after a new OS (and my iMac won’t run it too)… Any clues on how to update?

Since this thread has been empty for a month, I guess Daniel was right : there is no specific problem with Yosemite. So why do you want to update to El Capitan ? I run it and do not find it has brought anything valuable to my mac…

Simply put… if I purchase Dorico, and then a bug does creep up that’s Yosemite-related… perhaps in a future release… then Steinberg would be in their rights to say to me that my OS is unsupported. If the bug was critical… then my money could be down the drain.

Then wait for the free demo, day after tomorrow (Wed, Nov 30).