Dorico on Threads

Just wanted to point out Dorico is now on Threads.

I’m not terribly thrilled to have to engage with yet another social media site, and had actually really been enjoying Bluesky the past couple of weeks, but with 10 million signups in the first 7 hours, it looks like Threads may have some staying power. I’m not sure if it’s live in the EU yet, as Meta doesn’t seem to be compliant with the GDPR, but if you’re already on Threads, you might want to give Dorico a follow.

The good news is: You don’t have to :wink:


Especially it if is driven by Meta…


Meh, this forum is addictive enough :grimacing:


Eh, I kinda do if it catches on. I’m terrible at social media, but I get tagged in a bunch gig pics and vids, so I at least need to be aware. My saxophone and reed endorsements like me to tag them in posts too, but I usually forget to do it, LOL.

Yeah, I have only been rarely checking or posting on FB for years now, and despise Zuck’s business practices, but Elon has mucked up Twitter so badly it now makes Zuck look like a reasonable alternative. I was really hoping any of the alternatives (Bluesky, Mastodon, Post, etc) would catch on, but with 23 million sign ups already, it looks like Threads might be the one.


How so? Genuine question.

OT obviously, but first I think what will eventually be seen as the beginning of the end, was last weekend when he throttled all the accounts. Supposedly this was due to “scraping,” but likely seems to either be he didn’t pay his Google bill, or the mechanism he used to throttle the accounts was never intended to be used that way, and continued to ping the server multiple times per second, effectively DDoSing itself. In any case, Twitter was unusable, making it ineffective for anyone who relies on it for real-time information. For advertisers, who want as much engagement as possible, limiting engagement (or breaking it off completely) is the exact opposite of they want in a social media company.

Second, removing the legacy checkmarks and boosting the paid checkmarks, makes for a terrible user experience. The legacy checkmarks that verified you were who you said you were, were essential for reporters and news organizations. Losing those in favor of a paid system meant that you could no longer verify who was who, and boosting these accounts to the top of any response thread also means lots of crypto-scammers, white supremacists, etc. are all now at the top of any thread. Basically people who couldn’t get engagement based on their content, so they now are paying for engagement. The overwhelming majority of advertisers don’t want their ads running next to content like that, so they are running for the hills.

I never posted much there, but checked it often and it was a place where all sorts of music, news, sports and other interests all could overlap. Some of the most important sports journalists like Woj, Shams, and Adam Schefter never made the move to Bluesky, Post, etc., but are already on Threads, which is a clue that I think it will survive. Most musicians I know were already on Insta anyway, so it’s an easy transition. We’ll see I suppose. MuseScore and Sibelius are on it, and MakeMusic has an account for MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic) already too. If it becomes the next social media landing spot, it would be cool to see Dorico have an active presence there.


Here’s a fairly comprehensive summary, which also leaves out Musk’s unacceptably awful political stances.


Going far afield here, but that seems to be the nature of the thread …

IMO FWIW humanity owes a huge debt of gratitude to Musk due to kicking automotive in the pants (making EV’s a commercial viability - if you care about climate, energy security and just plain good cars) and then doing the same in aerospace. The commercialization of space is beginning to have monumental consequences for humanity, for too many reasons to list.

As to who he is as a person? Who cares? As far as I’m concerned he can offend as many people as he wants, because his karma points are already off scale for the prior reasons, and people are easily offended anyhow these days.

As to Twitter, I was saying it was a terrible move. Nothing like what he had done previously, and transforming old companies is practically impossible anyhow. But he got a little high on himself and unbelievably and stupidly made a no terms contract at the peak price :face_with_head_bandage: But whatever, he’s got money, and no surprise he’s gutting it to turn it around.

Because Twitter was a mess. Yeah there’s more issues now, I frequently get drops when accessing it (some random tweet embedded in an article.) But who cares? It’s just another stupid social media company.

All my IMHO, feel free to disagree or ignore …

55 million users in a day and a half, and that’s without it being available in the EU (without VPN or other workarounds.). I wish it were almost anyone other than Zuck, but it’s not, and it looks clearly like Threads is going to be the next “it” platform. In only 36 hours it has an insane adoption rate among both users and businesses, so I assume government agencies will be next. (Holiday week here in the US, so unlikely to see that before next week at the earliest.)

It would be cool to see Dorico have an engaging presence there if it’s going to be the next social media destination. The music notation community is obviously small, but Threads seems like an opportunity to get more users interested in Dorico. MuseScore’s first couple of posts there were actually mocking the downfall of Twitter.

I honestly don’t see how Twitter makes it. While popular, Twitter was barely profitable pre-Musk. Musk saddled it with $1 billion per year in interest payments on the debt he took on to close the deal, fired everyone who knew what they were doing, and made it a terrible user experience for everyone else. I’m sort of assuming he wants to have his finger on the scale through the 2024 US election cycle, but I’ll be shocked if Twitter isn’t in a Chapter 11 reorganization (or even Chapter 7 if he just wants out) soon after that.

… with the Threads adoption rate, I’d be surprised in Twitter makes it into 2024 or even if it does, its relevance would be greatly diminished.

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I understand that Elon Musk went from hero to zero, but still… how anyone can cheer a transparent rip-off that will also collect and sell their “Health & Fitness” and “Financial Info” and “Sensitive Info” data - just to punish Musk! - is beyond me.


Yeah, its privacy policy is the terrible typical Zuck-ian policy. Bluesky’s is way better! That’s one of the reasons, I’ll probably continue to use it for news and commentary for the time being. There’s just no music or sports there yet.

No one is leaving Twitter “to punish Musk” though, LOL! He’s not a victim here! No one forced him to buy it, load it up with debt, and then break it. If he had left it alone, it probably would be chugging along as it always had. You can’t downgrade the user experience and expect people to stay if there are better alternatives. Until Threads, there weren’t really others, but now that it’s an option, it will probably be the main go-to site for many. Mastodon was too confusing for many to get past the initial sign up stage, and the “gatekeepers” there were annoying. CounterSocial never caught on at all. Post is nice for news, but the micropayment thing hasn’t really ever worked. Spoutible maybe could have worked, but was late to the game and couldn’t scale up. Bluesky is actually really great, and I like it a lot, but it got too cutesy with the invite exclusivity thing and also couldn’t scale up fast enough.

That’s fair, of course. I never posted on Twitter and only use it to catch up on the news and whatever “the thing of the day” is. Plus, I’ve been a heavy user of mute and block buttons. So, in my case I’ve not noticed any downgrade in user experience at all. On the contrary, the Community Notes has been a big plus for someone like me.

As for Dorico on Threads, I sincerely hope that this forum isn’t going to disperse into various tiny (Meta-owned) bubbles on the internet.

P.S. I am shocked I don’t know the majority of apps you mentioned, btw.

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Please please Steinberg don’t degenerate this forum into Threads. Discourse is far far better for the extended technical questions and solutions here. Please keep this intact. Have an extra platform, sure, but don’t eliminate this one.

Threads does look pretty terrible from a privacy point of view – I heard that the account becomes linked to your Instagram and FB account, and you can’t delete one without deleting the other. They’re trying to make it an essential part of the FB/Insta universe.

People are prepared to call out rude, oppressive and bigoted behaviour, and not let it pass, which I’d say is an improvement. Ironically, it’s not too different from ‘the good old days’ when my grandmother would complain about people being ‘ill-mannered’. (Except it’s not just straight white people on the receiving end of good manners.)


Yeah, I am too. There are quite a few beliefs that I don’t have patience for anymore and will just block for my own mental health. Twitter has gotten significantly worse for promotion of these types of users under Musk IMO. Here is a good article from the Washington Post published an hour ago about how Twitter has fumbled its place as the “global town square” to TikTok, and now possibly to Theads. (Now over 70 million sign ups in less than 48 hours.)

Oh, definitely agree! This forum is one of the best features of Dorico, and I learn stuff here everyday!

I wasn’t sure how much Threads was on Steinberg’s radar as it doesn’t sound like it’s widely available in Europe yet, and may never be with GDPR regulations. Threads “feels” like a major shift in social media though, so it would be good if Steinberg and Dorico were a part of it. Since it’s summer, maybe there’s some snarky college student social media intern available that would know how to attract traffic, LOL!

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Yeah, but I guess it depends on a persons view of what rude, oppressive and bigoted behavior is. I’m not arguing one side or the other, I’m apolitical personally, but from the middle it looks like both sides of any argument always seem pretty sure they’re right. Basically I think everybody is wrong :grin:

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