Dorico on Two Monitors

On a MacBook Pro and a Samsung monitor I use Dorico; the main action is on the monitor, because the image is larger. When I want to adjust something that has a dialog—say, to change page view to galley view—the dialog window pops up on the Mac’s screen in a tiny font, and usually near the bottom of the screen. Because I’m concentrating on the task on the monitor, and expect to see the dialog box near the place where I clicked, I often don’t see the tiny dialog unless I swivel my head toward the Mac. Is this expected behavior when using two monitors?

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Never had a problem with dorico and multiple screens

Neither had I, I’m using Windows though.


When that happens to me (on my iMac with a second monitor), I grab the small dialog box window with the mouse and drag it to a position somewhere on the “main action” screen where I will notice it. When it has been closed, it should open up at that same position when you next invoke it, at least during that session. With any luck, it might remember that position for your next Dorico session.

Ah, so I’m not the lone ranger. Thanks, Steven, I’ll try moving the dialog box as you suggest.

Try this: Dual monitors OSX - #10 by sammys