DORICO - One doubt about chords viewing

Good evening people,
Now that I have completed the task (finish the score), I put the chord symbols visible on top of the score - OK.
Next I begin to print (full score and all individual parts); SURPRISE ! The full score was printed perfectly, and all the parts too except the first one - in this case is one flute.
This part has the chord symbols printed but ONLY THIS PART; and if I try to delete them from the flute part, they are deleted alredy from the full score.
I’ve tryed the view options unsuccessfuly.
Attachents: From printscreens of the flute part, with the chords and the tuba part without them;
I also verifyed the print menu where the “exebitions options” unselected (I tryed both - with and without).
Have I forgot anything else again ?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

See screenshot. I don’t speak Spanish but I assume that you’ll find the chord symbols options in the same place!

Thanks again Pianoleo;
I had already been here, and I misconfigured the template I used now to work. I assumed it was okay, but the fact is that the parameters have to be set for all instruments individually; and what I did before was simply piano.
By the way, it’s supposed to be Portuguese and not Spanish …
Renewing thanks with my compliments;

Apologies - I don’t know enough Portuguese to differentiate it from Spanish at a glance!

No problem.
See you