Dorico only playing back on monitor speakers

I recently upgraded to Dorico 3 from Dorico 1. When attempting to play back a project that was started in Dorico 1 and being used successfully in Dorico 3, the application started to ‘not respond’. I then updated my audio drivers for my main speakers. I went into Dorico again and attempted to play back the same piece, and the application looks like it is playing, but I get no sound. (My sound is at 90% on both the speakers and the computer). However when I go into Device Setup and change the audio output to the computer monitor, it works perfectly fine. On other applications my speakers work fine as well. I have attached a picture of the Device Setup Window, the blue circled output is the speakers, and the highlighted output is the computer monitor.
Any help will be appreciated!

What if you right click on the little speaker icon on the right side of your taskbar and choose ‘Open Volume Mixer’, is nothing muted there? Does there metering flicker when you play back in Dorico?
Also, could you please send me the project when it is not sounding? Send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

Hello Ulf,
This morning when I opened Dorico and attempted playback, every thing worked fine, and I am getting sound from my speakers.
If for some reason the playback stops working I will contact you.
Thanks anyways for your help!