Dorico opening multiple copies of some files

A few days ago, Dorico froze on my Mac Studio while I was saving and closing a file. I could not get the app to reopen before rebooting the computer. Since then, when I open some of my Dorico projects, the app opens 2 (sometimes 3) copies of the same file. In the top of the window one will have a β€œ- 2” after the flow and file name. The files still save without an issue, and it does not seem to matter which window I use to edit the file. This issue appears to be specific to certain files. It does not happen with all files. If I create a new file, and import the flows into the new file, the new file does not usually have the same behavior. Does anyone know what might cause this?

That’s just multiple windows onto the same project. Close each extra window until only one window remains for the project, then save and close the project. When you reopen the project, only one window will be restored.


Thank you, Daniel. That fixed the problem.