Dorico opera pagination etc. - urgent, 3 days of work (can be managed remotely)

Is there anyone out there who is an expert Dorico user, confident working with opera reductions and up for 2-3 days of paid work? This can be done remotely.

I’m up against the wire with an opera score. I’m engraving it in Dorico and it’s all going smoothly but I’m running out of time to get the score in. I transcribe each scene into Dorico as I work and have already made a template I’m very happy with and am rolling out through the score. However the last 20% of the engraving job - all the pagination, hiding staves, distributing on the page and so on - are taking too much of the small pocket of time I have left.

So I’m looking for someone who can take the galley views of my finished scenes and turn them into beautifully paginated reductions (I’ve made the reduction already - although actually, that might be another part of the job if you’re up for this too). If you are a skilled Dorico user and think you could do this, do let me know. We can offer a fee - and it’s a job that will start on Sunday morning and run until Tues evening, a few files a day.

I’m based in London but as I mentioned, this is a job that could be done remotely.

Do PM if interested!


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I’ve already made several vocal scores… I could help, I guess :wink:

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Hello Marc
Thanks for the speedy reply. Very useful to see you perform opera too. I’ve actually just started a conversation with someone else - had some very speedy replies! If that doesn’t work out, I’ll be back in touch.
Thanks again!