Dorico orchestra templates crashes

Hi, recently Dorico crashes a lot when I try to start a new project with orchestral template. I don’t know if it is related to VST plugins, but the system seems to be sluggish and shows the rainbow mouse pointer every time when I try to change anything on the Play tab. It’s Dorico 3.5 on MacOS Big Sur. Could you help to have a look please? Thanks!

Dorico (1.6 MB)

Hi charltonlee, welcome to the forum and sorry for the trouble you are having.
I had a look at the diagnostics and found lots of crash dumps of the audio engine.
Unfortunately, all of them show a pattern that we’ve seen in the past and it’s a bug in the eLicenser protection code that we could not tackle so far. It happens only very rarely, i.e. only on specific computers or under special circumstances that we don’t know.
We gave up hunting that bug, because we are in the process of implementing a completely new licensing scheme and thereby replacing the eLicenser, but that does not help you at the moment, of course.
But there is maybe something we can do for you to mitigate the problem for the moment. Therefore I need to know if your license is on the Soft- or USB-eLicenser.

Hi Ulf,
Thanks very much for your help! I’m sorry for my slow response due to a hectic weekend. Today I finally got time to work on my project again. The license of Dorico is on a soft-eLicenser. I also have Cubase AI 9 on it, and I’ve been using Vienna Symphonic Library with a USB dongle. As you mentioned that this might be a eLicenser problem, I’ve disabled VSL to see if that solves the problem. Now as I’m using Halion on all instruments, it crashes less, though it still crashes a few times. Thanks!