Dorico Overthinking, Overwriting Tablature

Notes I entered for an ukulele with linear tuning—G3, C4, E4, A4—were correctly translated to tablature; but when I copied and pasted the music into a template whose ukulele was set to “standard” re-entrant tuning—G4, C4, E4, A4—Dorico did not respect my original tablature, but changed it: instead of the tab numbers for G,Ab,Bb,G (3413), it was now (0110), putting every G on the open G string. Is there a setting that tells Dorico to accept what is pasted into tablature?

I believe that if you explicitly set the String property for those notes, when you copy and paste those properties will be preserved, and thus the same strings will be used in the pasted material.

Thanks, Daniel. I’ll try it—as soon as I find it.

The String property should be easy to find in the Properties panel: you can even search for it by clicking in the little search box in the toolbar at the top of the Properties panel, and type “string” in there. Here’s some more help with finding the Properties panel, and here is specific information about setting the string for a note.

Thanks for the detailed pointers, Daniel. I’ll tuck them away for future reference. I discovered that, somehow, part way through the piece, I had added a treble-down-8 clef to the Baritone Ukulele part that already had a treble-down-8 clef. The notes on the notation staff went down an octave; the tab stayed where it was because the new, low notes didn’t exist on the Baritone. When I moved the notes up an octave, the tab numbers jumped up an octave, also. I fixed the situation by removing the extra treble-down-8 clef: the notes went back up, and the tab numbers stayed put.

Got it. Thanks. Amazing how easy it is to do something when one knows how and where to find the instructions.