Dorico paid update soon?

Hey guys, I am just wondering if there is another Dorico paid update coming between now and the end of the year? I ask as I am am looking to update to 3.5 from 3.0 and I only want to have to pay once, and not twice. I am hoping for another update, that would be nice, but if not, I will go ahead and pay for 3.5 now.

Thanks again D-Team

Daniel has said in the past that the 3.5 update was intended to ‘reset’ an annual cycle of paid upgrades, around the Summer. It has also been said that the team are currently spending some time on maintenance of both code and personnel, so it’s unlikely in the extreme.

Thanks Benwiggy for that information.

Paid updates:

3.5.0 Released: 20 May 2020

3.0 Released: 2 September 2019

2.0 Released: 30 May 2018

1.0 Released: 19 October 2016