Dorico performance... again

Hi guys,
i know, this topic was discussed several times, but i hope, that the performance i experience is not due to the heavy calculations Dorico performs in the background, and therefore normal.

Some specs and infos:

  • WIN 10, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB

  • Geekbench Score: 1246 Single-Core Score, 7184 Multi-Core Score

  • Dorico 3.5

  • Condensing off

  • VST Instruments: VSL Synchronized SE, single Synchron Player instances, no VE/VE Pro
    Test Score consists of some 250 Bars, but with 70 Instruments, but i experience the same performance with smaller scores, say 30 instruments.

I made a video, where you can see in the bottom right corner my input and the respond time of Dorico. At the beginning i Copy/Paste, and then delete some passages, then transpose them using ALT-Up/Down. Some operations need several seconds. In the middle section you see me inputting or changing notes in the percussion section, which seems even slower. In the last part i insert some notes using the keyboard. You can see how Dorico falls behind after only inserting 7-8 notes.

What’s going on? This couldn’t be normal!
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Have you set your auto-save interval to something very short, e.g. 1 minute? Try increasing it to 5 minutes or longer.

What might be happening is that if your auto-save interval is set shorter than the amount of time it actually takes to save the project, which in the case of a large-scale application using a big library like Vienna is not impossible (assuming you’re not running in “de-coupled” mode, or whatever exactly the feature in VE Pro is that instructs it not to save its entire state when the project in the host application is saved), Dorico could be getting into a save loop, where it kicks off an auto-save, and then while it’s saving, the auto-save timer expires again, which means that it then needs to auto-save again right away, but then the auto-save timer expires again, etc.

Try disabling auto-save altogether, or at least increasing the interval to something reasonably big. Does that help?

If not, please attach your project, and do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach that resulting zip file as well, so we can take a closer look.

Sorry for the late response. Auto-Save was set to 10 minutes, tried to disable it. Performance is still the same. I’ll send you the Diagnostic Report and the project.