Dorico playback auto-centering

I’m not finding too many options to control how Dorico automatically re-centers the cursor during playback. Is this a thing? This may be related to how the screen centers during editing, too.

In the attached photo, Dorico will play the system in the center of the page, and then the next system will not trigger a re-center, and without manual intervention all I see is the first stave until playback gets to a point where the next moment is completely out of view.

There are indeed no options for how Dorico moves the music during playback at the moment. At the moment it errs on the side of moving the score as infrequently as possible, and at the moment it doesn’t consider whether, if a system is partially in view, that system could be moved fully into view: it just assumes that if it’s at least partly in view, it shouldn’t move the view until it’s out of view. If you’re capturing video, you might consider making the viewport a little bit bigger than a single system, as that should then prompt Dorico to move the view at the end of every system.

That’s about what I figured, but it’s always a good idea to ask. Thanks.

I guess this might be another feature request. I’m trying to see if I can create a zoomed in playback, and if I size the window to only be able to show one system, the actual location centered to isn’t very consistent and ends up either showing a single stave of the next system (if the window is too big) or tends to chop off notes that are above the first stave of the current system. Having the window be the size of a single page works fine - it’s just trying to do screen captures at a different scale is problematic. A few options might be:

Align upper left corner of system to a certain distance from upper left of window (counting all objects on first stave, including notes, text, etc.)
Align center of system to vertical center of window and certain horizontal distance from left-edge of window
Align lower left corner of system to a certain distance from lower left of window (counting all objects on last stave, including notes, lyrics, etc.)
Align stave X to upper/center/lower left of window (may be useful in large scores if someone wants to specifically follow some inner part)
Trigger auto-align whenever a new system is not completely in view if the window size allows
The current (default) system

I agree that it might be nice to have more options for how the view moves in playback, but realistically this is not something that any of us will have time to look at in the near future, I’m afraid.