Dorico Playback Continually cuts out/crashes even on Piano

Hello Everyone,

I’m a fairly new Dorico User, using 3.5. I don’t remember having this issue a few months back, but lately as I compose daily, I’m noticing that when I even just playback a single Piano Staff with single-note melodies and 3-4 note chords underneath, that it will “crash” (sound cutting out for a note or two) every 3-4 bars.

It doesn’t matter what file I load, this continues to happen. And when I get more instruments than just a piano, the sound cuts out every bar.

I’m thinking this must be an issue with the program itself, because though on other programs I’m used to this sort of thing indicating RAM overload, my Logic projects with far more and far larger samples are not experiencing this issue. And I never used to have these issues with massive scores on Sibelius either. I’m just using the default Halion samples for this.

Has anyone else experienced this or found a workaround?

Welcome to the forum @blacksmith8254,

One of the development team members will be able to help you. They will ask you to create a diagnostic report from the help menu and upload it here. Do that as soon as you can–even before they ask.

Exactly, please do as user lafin proposes.
If you can’t upload the diagnostics here then please send to u dot stoermer at Steinberg dot de Thanks

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Thank you, both! Please see the attached!
Dorico (555.6 KB)

Hi @blacksmith8254 , thanks for the data. At first glance makes me think you have a hardware issue, but tomorrow more, I’m on the run…

Hi @blacksmith8254 , looking at the logs files it looks you have following choice of ASIO drivers:

2024-04-12 10:49:11 : =>Built-in Audio;Built-in Audio
2024-04-12 10:49:11 : =>HDMI;HDMI
2024-04-12 10:49:11 : =>MorphVOX;MorphVOX

But you always only use the Built-in audio device, as it seems. That Built-in device is fixedly mounted in your computer and can hardly be changed.
Despite this fact, in the audio engine logs I frequently see message from the BAIOS, detecting overloads, notifications that new devices arrived or were reset. All these messages don’t come on my old iMac I have. Because of that I think it is a hardware problem
Did you ever open up your MacBook and fiddle around with the connectors or so? There is some extra logging for the BAIOs that one can enable, here is how to do:

Stop Dorico
Open a Terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/
and in there copy and paste the following 2 commands:

defaults write com.steinberg.components.coreaudio2asio "Debug Level" -int 3

defaults write com.steinberg.components.coreaudio2asio "Debug File" -string /Users/[yourname]/Desktop/CA2ASIOdebugout.txt

(pease exchange above the [yourname] with your username on that computer)

Then start Dorico and use as normal until you get drop outs.
When you then stop Dorico, have a look at your Desktop for the CA2ASIOdebugout.txt and send me that text file. In order to upload it here you probably need to zip it first.
And, because that logging is quite performance hungry, switch the logging off again by doing

defaults write com.steinberg.components.coreaudio2asio "Debug Level" -int 0

I hope it is not too complicated. Please let me know in case of any question. Thanks