Dorico playback delay

There’s a slight delay when i hit the space to start playback. No matter which playback mode the annoying delay is always there.

Any way to have it snappy like a DAW ?

No, I’m afraid not. There are a few things going on that make this difficult to achieve: Dorico has to communicate with the audio engine over an inter-application protocol; Dorico has to calculate the actual MIDI data that needs to be played back from the notation if it has changed since you last played back, which can take a moment; and I believe there is also a short delay to ensure Dorico’s idea of time and the audio engine’s idea of time are synced up before playback begins.

Thank you for the explanation.

I`m new to Dorico and still trying to figure out the best workflow…so i assume if i sync Dorico with Cubase, this playback lag will be present in both applications, correct ?

I’m not sure how you’re planning to sync Dorico and Cubase (perhaps using TXL Timecode or similar?) but, yes, Dorico won’t magically be able to start playback any faster when it’s synced to Cubase.

Yes, i’ll be using TXL Timecode…Anyways, thanks for confirming that the lag will still be there