Dorico Playback has Started Distorting

So I’ve had to install Dorico 4 again due having to wipe my computer (clean slate for my SSD), and both Halion sonic and note performer have been distorting when I play anything back. I upped the buffer size to the highest it would go and there’s still some distortion. This is bizarre to me because I’ve never had this issue before. I’ve reinstalled Dorico and Note Performer twice now and this issue still remains. I don’t know if my cpu’s just decided to kark it without me realizing but if there’s any Dorico specific tips anyone else can recommend I would appreciate it .

Hi @Ben_Jobson ,

first please tell us what driver and audio device you are using.


I’m using the low latency ASIO driver (just playing through laptop speakers). I’ve just tried changing to the focusrite asio driver through my focusrite interface and that playback sounds fine

The Generic Low Latency ASIO driver, does work in many cases, but performance can be an issue, as you’ve just noticed. If you want to play out via your computers audio hardware, then we also recommend to try with another (free) generic sound driver called FlexASIO. It can be downloaded from here
I can’t remember, maybe only a restart of Dorico is necessary or a reboot of the whole machine. Anyway, let’s do a complete reboot and start Dorico. Then, under Edit > Device Setup FlexASIO should get listed as well.

That link sent me to a zoom call, but all good I found it with a quick google search. Playback sounds great again. Thank you so much

Doh! My bad, sorry, link is now corrected.
Glad to hear that FlexASIO is fine with you.