Dorico Playback Issues


I am currently having trouble with playback issues in Dorico. The issue occurred suddenly and in the form of little clicks and dropouts in playback. I can sometimes hear the notes being inputted and when I press the “play” button it will sometimes play some of the inputted notes, but for the most part there is just silence. I’ve looked up videos to try to fix the problem but nothing has worked so far. I am currently using Dorico with Virtual Drumline however the issue is the same with any sample library I use, including the default Halion library. Any suggestions on what to do?

Thank you.

What audio interface and driver are you using? What is your audio driver’s buffer size set to?
What if you create a simple piano template project and then open the HALion Sonic editor?
At the bottom of that window is a on-screen keyboard. When you click the mouse
on the keys you should hear the corresponding piano sound.
Since it is such a simple setup, any computer should be capable of producing
sound without clicks or pops.
And while you are testing that, could you please choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report?
That creates a zip file on your desktop, please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

In addition to Ulf’s excellent advice, I would also recommend trying increasing the buffer size in the Device Control Panel dialog accessed via Edit > Device Setup, as if you’re experiencing drop-outs, a buffer size that is a bit too small for your system’s throughput is often the cause.

Thank you for the information, for some reason the problem has seemed to have fixed itself because I have not experienced any more issues since I’ve made the post. If it does occur again, I will make sure I do as suggested.