Dorico Playback, Mute/Solo does not have any effect on channels > 1?

I stumbled over a situation where Mute and Solo had no effect at all. The music is played back no matter what.
Also, I noticed that the playback volume controls of the staves do not show the
level, but the FX and Output controls show the level.
While trying to find the culprit I noticed that the Mute works ok on MIDI channel one, but switching to ie. channel 3 showed the behavior described above.
I have created a small test project that demonstrates the effect.
Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

Check what is happening on the Unused Channels in the mixer. Some VSTs might send back signals on multiple channels.

Good point!
I have muted all other channels in the VST (Halion Sonic7), no change.
Anywhere else to look for?

I know that when I use something like EmVoice, their music will play over any layout I select and (unless I specifically mute them in the mixer) will export on all channels when I export audio even if I specify not to export those channels. Check to see if the instruments you want also generate sounds from those you do not want.

See if something like that is happening.

I recreated the test project from scratch and that works as expected.
So I suspect that the project with issues is one that was automatically migrated to the latest version of Dorico after the update.
I have many projects in Dorico 4.3 which now I fear to open with Dorico 5.
As mentioned before, I can supply a test project to the support that shows the wrong behavior.

Almost certainly the issue will be with how the outputs are configured in the VST instrument. Delete all but a couple of bars from one of your projects and attach it here so we can take a look at it.

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I removed the VST, added new and rewired the channels, now works as expected.
I tried an old project and that did not show this behavior.

Can you tell me more about deactivating outputs in the VST? Do you mean within the VST itself or within Dorico’s settings?

Dorico expects a one-to-one mapping between the MIDI channels that send data into the plug-in and the outputs that return audio from the plug-in. If you are configuring the outputs in the plug-in yourself (which may be necessary for plug-ins other than HALion, for which Dorico loads a specific plug-in state when the plug-in is loaded to set this up for you) it’s a good idea to follow this principle. You’ll then find that the channels displayed in the Mixer match up to the labels that Dorico assigns to them.