Dorico playback sounds mechanical

I’m new to Dorico and have been listening to the playback some of the sample projects that were included with the installation. While for the most part I do like the samples used for the instruments, at times they can seem too regular and mechanical. I think this is particularly a problem in passages where you have a single short note repeated many times. It is quite jarring and creates an effect like a CD skipping.

I think you can hear this most clearly in the DORICOverture, bars 131-143 and especially bar 147 where the piano hammering on the base note sounds more like feedback noise than a musical instrument. Even the tremulos in 123-125 sound odd and obviously synthetic. The Pygmalion Petite Suite suffers from similar problems, particularly bars 39, 41, and 65-71.

Is there any way to smooth this out and produce a more human touch? Maybe by adding some jitter to the note start time or velocity? Does the VST engine offer multiple samples for the same note so that this rapidly repeated notes do not sound identical?

You can adjust the amount of timing and dynamic randomisation on the Timing and Dynamics pages of Play > Playback Options, which you might find improves things a bit.