Dorico playing back NI Symphony Series & Dominus Choir

Here’s a YouTube that I made with OBS and Lightworks showing Dorico playing back my Native Instruments’ Symphony Series & Fluffy Audio’s ‘Dominus’ Choir VST libraries. The playback line ‘sticks’ in places as my computer isn’t the fastest in the world, but if anybody remembers an album by Queen in the 1970’s which proclaimed ‘no synthesizers used’ …this YouTube was made with ‘no DAW used’.

Obviously it’s missing the lead soprano line. If you want to hear the original you can hear that here.

I haven’t spent ages tweaking it, but my ideal situation would be to be able to tweak in PLAY, the C.C. lines using the automated fader on my Nektar Panorama P6 keyboard, then exporting each instrument as an audio stem to bring it into a DAW to add and replace with live instruments.

IIRC all Queen’s albums from the 70s had that mention!