Dorico plays back transposed

Dorico plays everything back a whole tone lower than concert pitch.
Is there a setting I accidentally entered that can explain this behavior?
I have tested to import a xml file from Musescore and while it plays back at concert pitch in Musescore Dorico plays it back a whole tone under.
Any ideas?

Is it just the one project doing this?

Try this:

Any luck?

Is it possible your sample rate changed because of another program being open and changing the clock speed? (Ie—you had been in 48khz mode but then bumped down to 44.1)

It’s probably that you have the wrong sample rate chosen in Edit > Device Setup. Go to that dialog, and choose a different sample rate, wait a moment, then re-choose the original one, and confirm the dialog. Then play back again: now it should be at the expected pitch.

It seems like all my projects behaves like this. At least those I tested today.
You see, I mostly use Dorico to write down music I know quite well - so it didn’t occur to me to test the pitch.

Thank you!
That was it!

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