Dorico prevents system from sleeping

When Dorico is running, neither the system nor the monitor goes to sleep, regardless of whether Dorico is foremost or in the background. This isn’t a huge problem but I do have to remember to put the system to sleep manually before leaving the computer for any length of time. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a setting I can change in Dorico?

Yes, this is the expected behaviour and is due to the way the audio engine works. Although I wouldn’t recommend it, in theory you can use the ‘Suspend audio engine when application is in the background’ option in Preferences, and then provided Dorico is not the active application, then your computer should be allowed to sleep as normal. However, you may encounter problems with Dorico hanging when it starts up if you use this option (that specific problem should be fixed in the forthcoming update, though). My personal recommendation would be simply to put your computer to sleep when you want it to sleep.

There used to be a setting in Preferences — Suspend audio device in background I think. I just tested it now and it does not allow the monitor to go to sleep any more. Actually, I remember that those issues were discussed in Dorico’s early days (there were some crashing when waking from sleep involved IIRC), and I got used to turn my screen off or quit Dorico when I know I’m leaving for a while.
[Edit] Daniel has been faster than me — I was really trying out to check if it goes to sleep. And it does not, which is no problem for me, but worth noting it.
[Edit 2] I did not restart Dorico after changing the setting, maybe that’s the reason it did not go to sleep? Just checked, still no.