Dorico Print Page Setup (paper size)

Hi. I know this has been covered many times over the years but I still feel like I’m missing a better answer. I want to print from within Dorico and not have to export to pdf first. My printer (Epson 7820) supports 12" x 18" (and bigger), sometimes called Architect B, but that dimension is apparently not defined in the print driver and therefore does not show up under Page Setup for Printer on the Print page. Strangely, even though 9" x 12" (Architect A) is not defined in the print driver it DOES show up as an option(??). I’ve seen mention of editing userlibrary.xml but I have not found where to add that definition. Any way to make this work?


Welcome to the forum, Eric. In theory you should find that if you define an appropriate custom paper size in the printer’s settings at the operating system level, when that custom paper size matches exactly one of the paper sizes that Dorico is able to choose between (the list being provided by the Qt application framework Dorico is built upon), that the page size becomes selectable in Print mode. However, it will not appear with the name you chose for your custom paper size, but rather with the name that Qt gives that paper size, which may well not match. However, 12" x 18" should be recognised as Arch B.

Hi Daniel and thanks for the reply! I’m using a mac and the only way I know of to add custom paper sizes is from the print dialog by selecting “Manage Custom Sizes…” from the Paper Size menu. I’ve added both Arch A and B (9 x 12, 12 x 18 respectively). I’ve restarted and still don’t see Arch B or anything that measures 12" x 18". What am I missing? Thanks.

They wount show up in Dorico, but if you set a matching paper size in Layout Options and export to PDF. Then in your PDF-viewer, select the correct paper size and print.


Edit: They do show up in the OS-dialog at lower left


They should also show up in the list of paper sizes when Printer is chosen on the right-hand side. There is some special handling of custom paper sizes to try to match them up against the preset sizes that Qt knows about. They won’t appear with the same name in the list on the right-hand side, but a recognisably similar paper size should be listed there.

I can see Architect A but not Architect B or any other size that would appear to be 12 x 18 despite having added both as custom sizes for my printer in the mac print dialog. It’s not the worst thing to export to pdf but I do wish I could just print to this size from within Dorico.

And again, why don’t you use the System dialogs?


I’m embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t figured out how to print the equivalent of “2-up” in the system dialog but it does work fine. Definitely better than exporting to pdf. Thanks.

Edit: actually it doesn’t work fine. There is some scaling issue (printing scaled down). Not entirely convinced it’s not user error but if so I can’t figure it out

Does this work for what you want?




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It works for creating and then using that paper size from the “System Dialogs:” section on the Print page but the result is scaled down noticeably. I have no scaling set anywhere that I can see. So I’m still stuck exporting to pdf which then prints perfectly to the 12x18 paper size that I have created. Since “Arch A” (9x12) does show up under the Dorico print options (right side) I can print the odd last page or single page charts straight out of Dorico. Clunky workflow but I guess it works.