Dorico Pro 2.1 and Dorico Elements 2.1 available now

We are pleased to announce the release of the first update to Dorico 2, version 2.1, which adds a number of new features, including:

– Swing playback
– Full microtonal playback
– New Engrave > Notehead Sets graphical editor for noteheads
– Rich text staff labels
– Mid-system divisi labels, and instrument change labels at the start of the flow
– Export each flow/player as separate audio tracks, for stems
– Playback of repeat bars
– Hide music behind slash regions
– Automatic bar count numbering for slash regions
– New Edit > Propagate Properties to copy properties to all layouts
– New Setup > Propagate Part Formatting dialog to apply formatting from one layout to one or more others

In addition to the above improvements, and many more besides, this update includes more than 120 bug fixes.

You can watch a short video introducing some of the most significant features here.

In addition, we are today beginning the publication of a new series of videos focusing on the new features in Dorico Pro 2.0 and 2.1: there are 20 videos in total, to be published over the next few weeks. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, and click the bell icon to be notified when a new video is added.

A more detailed run-down of the changes and improvements in this update, including some more useful videos, can be found on the Dorico blog.

Full documentation for the changes and improvements in Dorico 2.1, and a complete list of bugs fixed, can be downloaded in the Dorico 2.1 Version History PDF.

This update is free for existing Dorico 2 users. To download the update, you can run Steinberg Download Assistant if you have it installed, and download Update to Dorico Pro 2.1 or Update to Dorico Elements 2.1 as appropriate.

Alternatively, you can download the updater directly from the support pages.

If you’re currently using Dorico 1.2.10 and are interested in updating to Dorico Pro 2.1, you can purchase the update from the Steinberg online shop, and you will receive version 2.1 automatically.

We very much hope that the improvements in Dorico Pro 2.1 increase the usefulness of Dorico to you, and to make the program more enjoyable to use. We are already hard at work on the next update, which will also be free to Dorico 2 users, and which will be available later this year.