Dorico Pro 2.2 not playing any Sound and Crashes

I installed Dorico Pro 2.2, and everything is working fine, but when I attempt to write a note, I can’t hear any sound. An also, when I click on the play button, the program crashes and freezes and I have to force quit the program. After installation, I opened the program and the sound was working, with the included orchestra libraries and with Noteperformer. But after I restarted the computer, I cannot hear any sound and the program crashes and freezes. I check my audio configurations with my DAW and other programs and everything is working fine, and I did not have this issue with Dorico Pro 2.1.10. Any suggestion as to what I can do about this? Thanks for your insights

Please look at Daniel’s responses in this thread:

Firstly try running Maintenance in the eLicence Control Center, and if you still have problems, follow the steps to create a diagnostic report and attach here.

Thank you for your response!!! The only problem is that Dorico Pro is installed in my studio computer, and I have no internet access there. Is there, any other way to run Maintenance offline? Thank You!!

Unfortunately not. Are you able to connect it temporarily in order to perform the maintenance task?

Thank you for your response. I will have to check. My computer is custom made, but it has a LAN adapter. I have to check if it is working, as I never connected it to the internet. Also, I forgot to ask, my license for Dorico is stored in a USB-elicenser, but when I open it, it gives me a warning that the Soft e-licenser installed on the computer, on the hard drive needs to be repaired. Maybe, a maintenance and an update of the licenses database in the eLicense Control Center, should resolve this issue? Thank You!!!

In theory, if you have your Dorico license on your USB-eLicenser, then you should be OK! Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report in Dorico itself, which will create a zip file on your desktop called “Dorico”. Copy this to the computer you use to connect to the internet, and then attach it here, so I can take a look?