Dorico pro 2 and elements 2 on same computer


I have dorico pro 2 on my laptop. ( with license on USB stick )
When not at home I would like to use dorico elements in order not to transport and risk to lose my USB stick with my license.

When I’m outdoor I only need playback and print.
Print does work with elements.
Playback is a problem.
My score was created in dorico pro with Trombone from Halion Symphonic Orchestra.
As HSO is not included in Dorico Elements I have no sound for the trombone.

Is this what should happen?
So no playback for all instruments that use HSO when the file was created with dorico pro.



When in Dorico Elements and having loaded a project that was created using HSO, go to Play Mode and choose from the main menu Play > Playback Template. There choose “HSSE (Elements)”, that will load General MIDI sounds instead of HSO. Of course, they won’t sound as good as HSO, but at least you will get basic playback going.

Thank you,

Works like a charm.