Dorico pro 2 and elements 2


Dorico 2 looks like a very fine update. Thank you.

2 simple questions.

  • Can dorico 2 pro and dorico elements 2 be installed on the same computer without problems? ( to avoid transporting the dongle when only print and view is necessary)

  • Will dorico 2 pro and dorico elements 2 always be compatible with new versions and updates?



You don’t install Dorico Pro 2 or Dorico Elements 2, you install Dorico 2. Dorico will either load as Pro or as Elements, dependent on which licence is present.

You could therefore have a Dorico Pro Licence on the dongle, and have an Elements license that lives on the computer (as a soft elicence). When the dongle is plugged in, it’ll run as Pro, when the dongle’s not plugged in it’ll run as Elements.

I don’t have the knowledge to answer the other question.

Yes, because Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements are the same program, and switch functionality based on the license type in use, they will always be compatible with each other and be updated at the same time.