Dorico Pro 2 and New Computer

I just got a new iMac 2017 (upgrade from 2011) and migrated all of my files from the old to new computer during setup.

The new computer runs Mac OS X Mojave so I upgraded Dorico 2 with the latest update.

Now, on the new computer, when I start Dorico Pro 2 I am asked to enter the activation code, which I do (see attachment for order info) but it never accepts the code saying there is a problem with the eLicenser and I am unable to proceed further.

I DO have a code for Dorico Pro 2. Is this because it now resides on a new hard drive?

Any help would be appreciated, I want to get working again with Dorico Pro 2.

Kevin, I would recommend not posting your activation code publicly.

Sounds like you need to re-install the elicenser, which is computer-specific. You likely need a new code from Steinberg customer support. When I’ve had problems, I’ve just contacted them by phone and gotten a quick resolution.

I got it figured out, had to go to My Steinberg and reactivate.

I’ve deleted the attachment, thanks for the help.