Dorico Pro 2 d'ont settle.

Hello, last week I bought Dorico Element 2. Yesterday I bought Dorico Pro 2 because the element version is not complete enough. The problem is: I downloaded the Pro 2 software and everything happened but it is still the element version that appears. I tried to remove it and reinstall Pro 2 but it’s still Element that comes back. I really need your help. I’m on Mac. Hight Sierra. The Element version works very well but I would like the version better. I’ve been with Steinberg since the early 1980s. I also own Cubase Element and Wavelab Element. Thank you for dhow support.

You need to get the correct license into the eLicenser Control Center. There’s actually only one Dorico programme, and it runs as either Pro or Elements depending on which licence is available to it.

I have the licenser. How i can put in

You need to open the elicenser software and upgrade your Dorico elements license to Pro 2 (using the upgrade code that Steinberg shop sent to you).

Here is a similar procedure (go to: How to use activation codes):