DORICO PRO 2 - Halion 6 MIDI channels

Good morning everyone;
Since my last questions, some time has passed and in the meantime I have acquired Halion 6 and the new version of Dorico Pro 2.
I ask now:

  • As Halion 6 allows to adress 64 MIDI chanels simultaneously divided by banks A, B, C and D each with 16 channels; how can I (if possible) in Dorico’s “Play” mode use only one VST instrument (the Halion 6) to play, for example, 34 different instruments?
    With Halion SE 2 or 3, after using the 16 channels of the first VST; created a second VST to continue.
    As Dorico only allows me to choose channels from 1 to 16; in Halion 6 that corresponds to bank A1 to A16 … and then ? how to select bank B1 to B16, etc …?
    Once again I am grateful to all who can enlighten me on this subject.
    Best regards to all.
    To - coruche

At the moment, you can’t access the additional banks of MIDI channels beyond the first 16, I’m afraid. You should use additional instances of HALion instead. We do plan to address this in future.