Dorico Pro 2, playing repeats bug?


First I want to say that the update to Pro 2 is fantastic. A major leap forward!

One thing I noticed with the playback of repeats and 1, 2 endings is that tied notes leading in to the first bar of the repeat don’t play back the second time. See pic. Is this a bug or am I missing something!?


Dorico doesn’t yet have any special intelligence for handling things that overlap repeat endings, either in how they are drawn or in how they are played back. This is all stuff we are planning to work on more in the future.

Thanks Daniel!

I understand that this a tricky part of the programming and constructing the software. It’s not a big issue. Good to know that this is in your planning for a future update.

I‘m sure this is on the list: The same applies to overlapping notes in repeat bars: the overlapping note of the last repeat bar should be fully noted (by Dorico, I mean) in the first bar that is no longer a repeat.
Accordingly, Dorico could automatically input a tied note to the 2nd repeat when it “sees” a tied note spilling into the 1st repeat, and add a tie to the left…

Anthony, Daniel, John, Paul and team: Thank you for doing what you’re doing and for hanging out yesterday! Glad to know Californian chicken were there for your inspiration. I feel constantly inspired by them and haven’t even been to California!

a little workaround for that - it’s not really perfect, but at least you’ll hear the note:
so you just enter the same note in a 2nd or 3rd voice, than you go to the properties panel and you set the ‘user defined scaling’ to the lowest value (which is 1). The result will be that the note in the 2nd voice is at the same position than the note in the first voice -> hence you can’t see the second note you entered but you can hear it - but of course it’s not tied and you hear the attack of the note…that’s just how I handle it cause I have a long tied note in the second ending and I really need to hear it.