Dorico Pro 2 Reactivation

Hi all,

I’m trying to move Dorico 2 to my other computer in order to use it while traveling but when I go to the software reactivation page, the only software available for reactivation is Dorico 1 which I obviously don’t want to use and the soft eLicenser on my new machine also had D1 on it at one point so the licenser number won’t work either because it thinks I’m trying to reactivate D1. On my other computer (the one that currently has D2 on it), however, D2 shows up in the eLicenser. I know the obvious solution is the get the usb licenser but I don’t need it as I won’t be switching between machines, is there a way to do this that I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!

I’m trying to move Dorico 2 to my other computer in order to use it while traveling

I won’t be switching between machines

kwaselewski, are you planning to only use the laptop computer?


You should make sure that you have registered your new Dorico 2 update activation code with MySteinberg, and also the number of your Soft-eLicenser on the computer on which you have already installed and activated the Dorico 2 update. Then you should find that you can use the ‘Reactivation’ workflow via the MySteinberg page to get a new activation code for Dorico 2. If not, please use the contact option via the MySteinberg page to contact the support team appropriate for your region, and ask them to help you: if they tell you that you can only do this via the USB-eLicenser, come back here before you go ahead and do it, as I’m certain that it’s not necessary to swap to using a USB-eLicenser in this case.

So I found that the eLicenser registered with MySteinberg is the one on my new machine but when I tried to register the one on my old machine (that has Dorico 2 on it) I get the message “This eLicenser is deprecated.” I’ve attached a screenshot of what I’m getting. I followed the instructions on the support page to potentially fix this issue but I’m still getting it. I’m worried that I’ll have a difficult time with support seeing as my eLicenser doesn’t seem to be technically registered for some reason.

Also - I seem to have somehow lost the email with my Dorico 2 activation code in it, is there some way I could potentially retrieve that just in case? I still have the email with the invoice in it as proof of purchase.

Hopefully the support team can find your original activation code if you contact them and send them your order number and other details.