Dorico Pro 2 voice playback

I am new to Dorico—less than 1 year. I have been using Encore for many years.

However, I am trying to playback voices assigned as 1 and/or 2, either together or separately. Is there a tutorial that someone can recommend which shows how to do this?

For instance, in write mode, I have written a melody assigned to voice 1 and a counter or harmonizing melody to voice 2. How can I playback these voices separately? And once adding a 3rd voice or 4th voice, how would I playback these lines separately?—or a mixture of say voice 1 and voice 3?

My guess is that Dorico does not have this feature but I wanted to ask if there is a work around perhaps for assigning each voice to a player and then having each player as a separate track. whew!—not even sure if my own suggestion would work, but, if it did it seems like it would be a big workaround. I am hoping for something more practical. That is, is something less labor intensive especially for writing music on the fly

Kindly, please advise.

I know one can assign different voices to different VST sounds in Dorico Pro 3’s Play mode, but I do not recall whether this was available in Dorico 2.

Derrek, that’s a feature that came with Dorico 3. “Independant note playback” in Version history.

There’s no feature in Dorico 2 for this, I’m afraid. But you might not find it too painful to select a note in the voice you don’t want to hear, type Ctrl+Shift+A (Windows) or Shift-Command-A (Mac), which is the shortcut for Edit > Select More, until all of the notes in that voice are selected, then activate the ‘Mute’ property (called ‘Suppress playback’ in Dorico 3). This will prevent those notes from playing back. To undo it, select all those notes again and then deactivate the ‘Mute’ property.

The big question is whether It’s Dorico Pro: two voice playback, or Dorico Pro 2: Voice Playback…

Pianoleo, It is regarding version 2 of the software or Dorico Pro 2.

Thank you all for your quick replies.

Daniel at Steinberg,
I will try your suggestions but it sounds like I may need the upgraded Dorico 3 to do so. Is your work around possible in Dorico Pro 2? Please clarify.

Yes, it’s possible in Dorico 2.

(But upgrading to Dorico 3 is well worth the new features.)

Thanks Derrek and Daniel