Dorico Pro 3.1 & arpeggios

Hi. Looking at different you tube videos and documents, I’m not finding the info I need.
I’ve searched for:
Dorico Pro 3.1, arpeggio
Dorico Pro 3.1, ornaments
What am I missing?
Here’s how I want to write an arpeggio, as shown on attachment:
Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 3.32.53 PM.jpg
Instead of having to do this:
Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 1.47.36 PM.png
Is it possible to write the arpeggio like the first attachment, or do I just need to accept what I’ve been able to do?

While not exactly what you wrote, this should be proof of concept. (429 KB)
The key is to click a starting notehead and then CTRL+Click the ending notehead before pressing the “T” key for a tie.

OK. I’ll work on this. Thank you for the example.

Hi Derrick,
Been playing with what you sent me and I’m seeing that the arpeggio is beat dependent; so I can’t write it in “squeezed” into the first beat of the measure, which is what I’m looking for. Don’t seem to be able to manipulate the spacing of “after” arpeggio notes. So this would not be something I could do with Dorico?
Since I see you also use Finale, can you do what I’m wanting with Finale?
Thank you for your time and consideration.

IIRC Finale is not as capable as Dorico in this area.

Ai’X, you can write your arpeggiated notes as grace notes, then tie them to a rhythmic chord on the beat.

So I’ve been able to write the grace notes as a beamed group. I still can’t change to septuplets like Anthony shows in the tutorial video. Can I add ties without another note after the grace notes, like my original score?
I have had Sibelius for a few months and it’s challenging. Doing things like this on Dorico are tipping me towards changing to Dorico.

If you don’t want to use a destination chord, you can intead use laissez vibrer ties and then extend the right-hand end of them in Engrave mode.

OK. Doing that with the laissez vibrer ties will definitely work.
What about the septuplets on the grace notes? Is it possible to do that?

No, Dorico doesn’t support tuplets in grace notes, but you can certainly add a 7 using Shift+X text if you want to give the grace notes the appearance of a septuplet.

OK. I tried doing this key combo but nothing happened. Is this possible in the SE version?

Yes, Shift+X text is available in all versions of Dorico. Make sure you have something selected, then type Shift+X. You should see a text editor open up to allow you to add text. Unfortunately you’ll be limited in where you can position the text item in Dorico SE because you are lacking Engrave mode.

OK. Thank you for the clarification.

Hi Daniel. I’ve done everything you suggested. Right now in engrave mode I can seem to extend the laissez vibrer ties by selecting them and (click & hold) to drag to where I want them. What am I missing?

Are you now running Dorico Pro? Before it seemed as if you were running Dorico SE, which does not include Engrave mode.

Yes, I got Dorico Pro today.

OK, very good. Then you should find that when you select a laissez vibrer tie in Engrave mode, it shows various small square handles. Select the right-most handle at the right-hand end of the tie and type Alt+right arrow to move it to the right; hold Command to move it in larger steps.