Dorico Pro 3.1 Cross-staff / Multiple Voices Slur Doesn't Work

Hello Dorico team,
There is a problem with the Slur over cross-staff and multiple Voices.
Would be nice if we have an options to select Playback for All Voices. At the current stage the slur is able to playback correctly only per voice basis.
Here is a project file which can be used for testings:
Cross-staff Slur (434 KB)
In Bars 1 and 2 the Slur is attached to Voice 3 (the half note) and the notes in Voices 1 and 2 sound not slurred. In Bar 3 the Slur affects only
the notes in Voice 2, but not these in Voice 1.

I hope the playback of the slur cross-staff and when multiple voices are involved, could be improved! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for the hard work! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

If I open your project and look at Play mode, I can see that the Playing Technique track shows multiple “Natural” entries but nothing else.
If I copy and paste the contents of your project to a new project and look at Play mode, I can see a load of “Legato” entries, and playback respects the slurs.
I don’t know enough about the playback side of Dorico to look into this, but have you been fiddling with Expression Maps?

edit: sorry, I’d forgotten that when I open a new project, Dorico defaults to the NotePerformer Playback Template, which seems to correctly interpret these slurs as “legato” playing techniques.

Leo hello,
Yes, I’ve had to set Slur to “Natural” in earlier project… (UPDATE: Actually it is not possible to change the Playback Settings for the Slur) But one of the functions of the Slur symbol is to create note overlap points (Play Mode) in order to create the legato playback. So, we need an option to playback the Slur for All Voices - when multiple voices are slurred, the short extension of the notes duration to take effect over all of them, even if the Slur isn’t mapped to the Legato technique.
Generally we need more control over the Slur’s playback because there are also articulated slurred notes (under single bow, for example).

Best regards,

Make you mind up. Either you changed it, or you didn’t change it because you couldn’t.

If your Expression Map doesn’t have an entry for Legato, then Legato won’t appear in the playback lane. That seems logical - Dorico doesn’t know how to play it!

I played your Dorico file with NotePerformer and I don’t hear anything wrong with it.

When I slur strings, NP always makes the final note of the slur detached. It’s the only thing that bugs me about NP.

I know I can select every final note of every phrase and increase the playback end offset, but that’s a pain. And I’m lazy.

Hello Rob,
I didn’t change it. But this should be possible. The most important thing is Slur to be assignable as an Expression Map for this it’s important to have more control over it. To turn off any technique triggering if needed. With the libraries I have, I need the Slur only to extend the notes /to create overlaps/. So, I would be thankful if there is an option to switch the Slur related technique, or to turn it off… Per Slur, exactly the same as Suppress Playback works. In some parts of the score we may need the Slur to trigger the Legato technique.

Here is the screenshot of the Piano example - Play Mode. You’ll at bar 3 you’ll notice that notes in voice 2 bass cleff are slightly extended, but these in
voice 1 aren’t. Another thing is the info dialog about the Natural:

Best regards,

If you activate the ‘Suppress playback’ property for a slur, that will prevent Dorico from sending the legato playing technique.

Daniel hello,
Thank you for the reply! Unfortunately the “Suppress playback” property doesn’t work the way I need. It stops triggering the Legato, but also cuts
the note overlap extensions. I need to preserve this note overlaps. I need an option in the Properties Panel which will suppress only the technique triggering, but wont affect the notes duration of the slurred notes. :slight_smile:
I would be very thankful if make this playback improvement, and also the Slur to affect All Voices as an option! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

We’ll certainly give this consideration for the future.

Thank you, Daniel! :slight_smile: These are very important playback improvements, especially for those of us who use libraries like Orchestral Tools - Berlin Series
and Spitfire Audio - Symphonic Orchestra, BBC Orchestra…
There are separate articulations for True Legato, which can’t play more than one note simultaneously, and another sustaining articulations for multiple notes (divisi, or stops-chords).
You can understand that we can have double stops on single bowing technique and we have to insert Slur symbol, and if we are not able to control the Slur technique triggering, the playback will become very messy… because then the Slur will start to trigger the Legato articulation…

Best wishes :slight_smile: