DORICO PRO 3.1 FREEZING when Transposing

The system is
Apple macbook Pro
OSX 10.14.6

Dorico Pro 3.1

when using the pull down menu command, system often locks up, and a force quit is required.
This is really slowing down the work flow.
to the point when I did a clean install of Dorico , again.
ran ok for a while, then the same issue occurs.

I have attached the Dorico diagnostic .zip file.


Warren B. White
Dorico (1.84 MB)

Thanks for providing the diagnostics. I can see that on a few occasions the last entry in the application log is indeed invoking the Transpose dialog. I wonder whether what could be happening is that Dorico is showing some kind of message box, and it’s ending up behind the score window somehow, which will make it appear that the application is locked, when in fact it’s only blocked by a modal alert that you need to clear. Next time it occurs, can you try moving the main Dorico window out of the way to see if there is a message or alert behind it? The same may also be true for the Transpose dialog itself, if it gets as far as that actually opening: try moving that aside to see if a modal alert is somehow being hidden by the dialog. If my hunch is right, please let me know what the modal alert says so I can try to reproduce the situation myself.

Thanks, Daniel,
I had the same idea early on. I checked all of this, for the alert behind other windows. The program is locked up, in that you can’t move the other windows around, the actual transpose window does not open up, everything just locks up.
Requires a “force quit”.
I have spent hours on this matter.
Had some work to complete, my only solution to complete the work has been to re-install Dorico 2.26, and it is operating fine.

Thanks, very much.


Warren B. White

Sorry to hear this, Warren. Are you able to reproduce this on demand? If so, could you please make a screen recording of the whole Dorico window (e.g. using QuickTime Player) so I can see what’s actually happening?