Dorico Pro 3.1 Slurs Issue

Hello Dorico crew,
I’ve noticed that the Slur symbol is linked to Legato playing technique. Unfortunately there are two issues:

  1. There is no way to switch, or disable the playing technique assignment for this symbol.
  2. At the end of the slured phrase Dorico doesn’t exclude (turn off) the legato automatically
    Please, would be nice if we have control over the playback of the Slurs (not only over the note lengths under the slur)! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

I run into this a lot with NP… I add slurs for bowings, and playback insists on grouping them into phrases that are harshly detached from one another. If that’s because of legato triggering, I’d like to be able to adjust it.

In the meantime, you can filter-select all slurs in a section and toggle on “Suppress playback.”

I find the same Dan. Changing normal note length to 100% mitigates, but has side-effects.
Conversely, I’m averse to adding slurs to string parts when the bowing is obvious, but I have to for NP to not separate them.

Hello Dan and Steve,
Well, to “Suppress Playback” isn’t the best solution, especially if you have libraries like Orchestral Tools, which trigger non slured notes as saparate bowings (up and down).
I have to make more organized request about playback improvements in Dorico, because at this stage many things doesn’t work well, and some others
need more work.
The creation of Exclusion Groups and Combined Playing Techniques is temp solution, in the near future Dorico should be able to automatically exclude techniques which can’t be simultaneously performed.
For example Overture 5 does all these things automatically, no need of Combined Techniques, nor Exclusion Groups… You also have control over the playback of almost every symbol.
For example with Slur, in Overture you could assign KeySwitch, or ProgramChange, or CC, or if you wish you could leave it unassigned, but always
creates note overlaps in order to preserver the bowing technique. In case you have dobule stops played in legato, you can’t use library’s legato patch.
After the Slur is performed, Overture automatically returns to the previous state (in case there is no new technique attached).
In the Write Mode > Properties Panel we could have more options for playback control over every symbol used on the scores.
What if we have staccato under the slur?! It is possible to have few articulated notes under single bow technique.

Greetings :slight_smile:

I think there is a good case for AI string bowing. This is one place where sample libraries differ from humans drastically.

It’ll be good to have an AI to bring more humanization to the playback of the virtual instruments, but until then we could
achieve a lot even without it. Just in Dorico some aspects should be improved. :slight_smile:

Greetings :slight_smile: