Dorico Pro 3.5.10, Dorico Elements 3.5.10 and Dorico SE 3.5.10 now available

We are pleased to announce that we have today released a maintenance update to Dorico 3.5. This update is focused on improving application stability and performance, with more than 140 bug fixes included, but also brings some further refinements to the new features introduced in Dorico 3.5. These improvements include:

• Support for figures up to 19 in figured bass, including the ability to show compound intervals as simple intervals, helpful for indicating voicings.
• Improved positioning and alignment of figured bass, with a new kerning approach that prioritises the distance between rows of figures, instead preferring to move accidentals horizontally
• Greater control and flexibility over suspensions and hold lines, including expanded popover syntax
• The ability to override playback options on a per-expression map basis
• Options to make text items aligned with the systemic barline by default, or to have a border by default
• Greater flexibility in the placement and design of line annotations for custom line types
• Improvements to the music symbols editor, including the ability to use any character from any font, and override their colours
• Editing the position of bar numbers in Engrave mode with the mouse

…and lots more besides. As always, please refer to the updated Dorico 3.5.10 Version History PDF for full details. You can also read about the new update in detail on the Dorico blog.

We recommend this update to all Dorico 3.5 users. You can download from our web site, or via Steinberg Download Assistant.

Please note that Dorico 3.5 is a paid update from Dorico 3 or earlier versions. If you haven’t yet updated to Dorico 3.5, you can buy your update to Dorico 3.5 today from the Steinberg Online Shop:

• Dorico Pro 3.5 update from Dorico Pro 3: €59.99 inc. German VAT, $59.99 US, £51 inc. UK VAT
• Dorico Pro 3.5 update from Dorico Pro 2 or Dorico 1.x: €159 inc. German VAT, $159.99 US, £136 inc. UK VAT
• Dorico Elements 3.5 update from Dorico Elements 3 or Dorico Elements 2: €29.99 inc. German VAT, $29.99 US, £25 inc. UK VAT

Dorico SE 3.5 is of course a free update for all existing Dorico SE users, so you can simply go ahead and download it via Steinberg Download Assistant.


Nice update. I will be happy to use it

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