Dorico Pro 3.5 Crash in write mode

Hi everyone,

I experience a reproducible crash in the attached project (Mac OS X 10.15.5, Dorico Pro 3.5). Steps to reproduce:

  • Open the project, make sure it is in write mode
  • Click on the “d” or “e” in the last bar in the bass stave
  • Press “s” - a slur is inserted
  • Press the cursor key “right” - Dorico crashes

I have also attached the diagnostics report generated directly after reopening the recovered project. I am not sure if that is enough - I read that on Windows, one has to enable Crash Reporting. Please let me know if you have further questions or I can provide more information.

Many thanks,

PS: In any event: Dorico is great, many thanks for the hard work you’re putting into it!

(Edit: Vocabulary: bass clef -> bass stave)
Dorico (1.43 MB) (453 KB)

Welcome to the forum, Andreas, and thanks very much for the excellent bug report. I’m sorry you’ve experienced this crash but I am pleased to tell you that the problem is already fixed in our development builds and will not trouble you in the next update, when it arrives.

Great news, many thanks for the update Daniel!