Dorico pro 3.5 depleted stocks?

I 'm using Dorico with the on month trial version and i’m still waiting for the one i bought 10 days ago. But the the website where i ordered it at a very good price (-50%) is out of stocks as other websites !
Is there any reason for that ? Could Steinberg resupply ?
Thank you

I am interested to know what you get in the box that you dont get by buying Dorico by download? This is not clear from the Thomann site.


On Thomann website they specify: “Software license without data carrier, download required”.
The GB page:
I suppose they send a nice almost empty box :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

I think that if you buy the box, you get the USB dongle with it. There’s little point in buying software in boxes these days otherwise.

There’s little point in buying software from third-party retailers, either.

You’r right but i must add: There’s little point in buying software in boxes from third-party retailers these days unless you have it at a bargain price (-50%) …as i had.

Indeed. Though Steinberg themselves had a 50% sale recently, which may have driven the same discount for your shop.

Yes, Thomann were able to offer the same discount as the Steinberg online shop during the recent Cyber Deals promotion. I heard from one of my colleagues in the sales team today that the sale was more successful than expected in the retail channel and so dealers like Thomann sold more units than they had on hand. I’m certain that more units will be on their way to Thomann if they’re not there already. If in the meantime you need an additional trial period while you wait for your license to reach you, just drop me a private message and I’ll send you one.

Oh thank you very much for proposing this ! it 's very kind of you !
I’m new in Dorico and i appreciate very much the team spirit here !

Sure, check your private messages.