Dorico Pro 3.5, Dorico Elements 3.5 and Dorico SE 3.5 now available

We’re delighted to announce the release of brand new versions of each member of our family of music notation software products: Dorico Pro 3.5, Dorico Elements 3.5 and Dorico SE 3.5 are now available.

These new versions bring all sorts of exciting and powerful new features to Dorico, including:

• Pitch before duration input method, ideal for trying out ideas as you compose
• Smarter, richer VST expression maps for better playback with third-party sample libraries
• Comprehensive figured bass with built-in musical intelligence
• Condensing for divisi strings and section players for wind/concert band
• Easily create parts in different transpositions
• Refined, more beautiful slurs and beams
• Expanded graphical capabilities with editors for horizontal and vertical lines
• Filtering and searching for properties and options
• Easily hide or show any staff at any break
• New guitar techniques, including vibrato bar dips, scoops, dives, plus hammer-on and pull-off
• Graphic slice tool for exporting small snippets of music in Engrave mode

…and there is a huge amount more to discover as well. As ever, Anthony has produced a series of videos to introduce all of the new features, which you can find on our YouTube channel, you can read more on the Dorico blog, and if you want to see details of every single new feature, improvement, and bug fix, the Version History PDF contains more than 60 pages of documentation for the new version.

You can buy your update to Dorico 3.5 today from the Steinberg Online Shop:

• Dorico Pro 3.5 update from Dorico Pro 3: €59.99 inc. German VAT, $59.99 US, £51 inc. UK VAT
• Dorico Pro 3.5 update from Dorico Pro 2 or Dorico 1.x: €159 inc. German VAT, $159.99 US, £136 inc. UK VAT
• Dorico Elements 3.5 update from Dorico Elements 3 or Dorico Elements 2: €29.99 inc. German VAT, $29.99 US, £25 inc. UK VAT

Dorico SE 3.5 is of course a free update for all existing Dorico SE users, so you can simply go ahead and download it via Steinberg Download Assistant.

Product specialist John Barron will be giving a live product demonstration on YouTube this afternoon at 2pm BST / 3pm CDT / 9am EDT / 6am PDT, to be followed by a German-language demonstration from our business development manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Markus Hartmann, at 4pm BST / 5pm CDT / 11am EDT / 8am PDT.

Everybody in the Dorico team has worked exceptionally hard to bring you all of the new features in this release, and we very much hope that you will enjoy all the powerful new tools that we are putting into your hands from today.