Dorico Pro 3.5 educational discount

Hello everyone!
I have two questions about this:

1 - I am a fulltime music student from a non english speaking country, is it acceptable to present the prof of eligibility in my native language or must it be in english?

2 - Once I have purchased the software with the educational discount, am I entitled to use the version I purchased forever, or just as long as I am studying?

I am planning to buy Dorico online once the trial version expires in a few days
Thanks a lot!

You buy it, it’s yours. There may be some restrictions on how you can use it for commercial purposes. You’d have to check on that.

But once you upgrade to the next paid version, you have a full license.

Welcome to the forum, Bessone. I would suggest you provide your proof of eligibility in whatever form you have it most conveniently available. If you experience any issues with the eligibility process, please contact me directly and I will do what I can to help you.