Dorico Pro 3.5 to 4.0 Upgrade Concerns

I am currently considering upgrading from Dorico Pro v.3.5 to v.4. I have a few questions though:

I have attached a document that has all of the attributes that I have taken a lot of time to put together and I don’t wish to lose! I would like to know that if I install version 4 and save all of my documents to the new format, they will retain these attributes. In particular, I would like to know if the following features will be saved:

My tab clef which I have created in a bolder clef.
All fonts and spacing.
Rastral settings.
Line thickness settings.
And a whole lot of other small preferences.

I have never been quite certain where saved preferences are stored on Dorico, but it seems fairly esoteric to me. A simple way of loading these into version 4 would be good!

I would also like to know whether I can have the programme installed on both my iMac and MacBook Pro as I frequently switch between the two when I am working - my documents are stored on iCloud Drive. Previously I have not been able to have it installed on both devices without the use of a bloody dongle!

I will NOT keep v.3.5 on either of my devices when I have installed v.4, and have saved all of my files to the new version. Will this cause any problems? I need the disk space.

Finally, is there documentation that provides a simple but bombproof way of describing the new licensing procedure.

Thank you in advance.

Into The Groove - TAB.dorico (569.7 KB)

  1. I would suggest keeping both versions of Dorico on your computer just in case you run into any glitches— at least until they release the first maintenance update with fixes for the little bugs that are being discovered.
  2. D4 isn’t going to change any of your current files. It opens them up with all the same settings that are already saved in them. Any new option is disabled by default on older files.
  3. It is very well documented that you get up to three active installs, so put it on both computers and keep a spare instal in your pocket.
  4. There are many documents available if you just take time to look them up. I suggest you start with Daniel’s pinned post about the release of D4.

Thanks for this.

Yes, keeping both versions initially makes sense.

I’m glad that my files won’t be altered but still
intrigued on how to move global preferences across.

I will check out Daniel’s resources for licensing.

Your preferences/saved defaults etc get migrated across to Dorico 4 from Dorico 3.5 the first time you run Dorico 4 - see explanation here Dorico 4 - migrating user data from 3.5 - #4 by ebrooks

That sounds very good!