Dorico Pro 3 and Native Instruments

Hello. Please explain to me step by step how you can connect the NI Kontakt piano to the Dorico Pro 3. I bought the Dorico Pro 3 because of its obvious advantages: convenient input of notes from the midi keyboard, control of the cycle and not only … However, I I can’t, just like in Dorico Pro 2, I just see on the forum long conversations on this topic, but I don’t see the manual that is clear to me.

  1. Add a player with a piano instrument to your project.
  2. In Play mode, click the + button at the bottom of the VST Instruments panel to add another instrument to the rack.
  3. In the newly-added slot in the rack, choose “Kontakt” from the menu.
  4. Open up the Kontakt interface, and load the piano sound you want to use into the first slot.
  5. Back in Dorico, on the left-hand side in Play mode, expand the instrument track belonging to your piano instrument.
  6. Assign the instrument to channel 1 in Kontakt.

Thank you very much!