Dorico Pro 3 -> opens Dorico SE and Dorico Elements?


I’ve got the information, that with a Dorico Pro 3 license you could press Alt + Dorico icon so, that it opens “Dorico Elements”…

Unfortunately it doesn’t work…

Ctrl + Dorico icon opens "Dorico SE 3* without any problems! That’s amazing!

Could someone tell me how I can open/ what key command I need (on Windows) to run “Dorico Elements” with a Dorico Pro 3 license?

Thank you very much for your answer!

Launch the program by clicking its icon, and immediately afterwards press and hold the Alt key until the Dorico window appears.

You can’t launch Dorico (or any other Windows program) if you press the Alt key before you try to launch it.

Hello Rob

Thank you very much! It works perfectly!