Dorico Pro 3 support of MusicXML

I bought Dorico Pro 3.0 recently and was very surprised to find out that MusicXML export is not fully supported–much is missing, including dynamics, fingering, etc. It’s actually a bit misleading for Dorico to have “export as MusicXML” since if one is going to export according to a standard, the user’s expectation is that is fully supported.

I see this issue was reported over a year ago (Exporting MusicXML from Dorico: Much is missing. - www.steinberg.net at which time a response from the Dorico support team indicated this would be addressed in the next major release. Dorico Pro 3 is now out and this doesn’t seem to have been addressed.

So when will this be addressed? Musescore supports this and that’s not even a commercial product, so I would expect a Dorico to support MusicXML as well.


Welcome to the forum, Ddaniel.
I’ve just read the thread you linked to, and nowhere does it state that this would be handled by Dorico 3. In fact, Daniel quite clearly stated that MusicXML export would be dealt with after the next major release (by which he meant after Dorico 3).

It’s been stated in the past week that MusicXML is now high up the to-do list, but the Dorico development team make a policy of not promising anything until the point at which they know they can deliver, which might be a matter of days before a release. That’s just the way it is.

Comparisons to other notation software are irrelevant - there’s heaps that Dorico can do that MuseScore can’t (or at least not easily), and MuseScore has been available for more than twice as long as Dorico.

Hi, ddaniel.

FWIW, XML export is very high on my wish list, and hopefully, by the experience with have with Dorico’s dream team, when they tell it’s high on their list, we know the wait is not so long. And that the result will be what we expected (and most of the time beyond expectations).

I agree, ddaniel, the fact that Dorico’s support for MusicXML only really covers import was also a surprise for me when I first bought it (due to the way it’s advertised on their page, without any disclaimers), and remains one of its major setbacks. This said, I’m sure they’ll eventually cover it in a later update.

I appreciate the thoughtful responses to this thread and appreciate the correction that the support for MusicXML would happen “after” the next major release. The one thing I do wish to note is it is misleading for Dorico to say that it exports MusicXML, when it only partially does so. I bought the product with the understanding that this feature is supported and wasn’t aware that it is only partially supported. If the product only partially supports the standard, that should be made clear to customers. In addition, I am surprised that full export support isn’t a priority, as it precludes interoperability of scores between Dorico and other systems that consume MusicXML. I bought Dorico with the goal of exporting its output to other systems, but I cannot do that at present without the full MusicXML support.

Dear ddaniel,
I feel like you did not even read my answer (#3). It is a priority now, and actually has been for quite a while, but there were other priorities and the team is only a 15-people workforce, so you have to be patient.
You cannot say that XML export is present as the features Dorico has, because it was always partially implemented and Steinberg and Dorico teams have never lied about it (unless you prove me wrong). And you could always use a full month trial to make sure what is there and if the product meets your needs. To sum it up, we understand your concern (believe me I do!!!), the team is probably working on it and hopefully will deliver that feature before 2020 (and that’s only three months from now). But the team will never communicate on a feature before they know it’s going to be there soon (like a week or so).

Marc, I think I know what he’s referring to, it’s the way it’s advertised on Dorico’s page (without any disclaimers, in at least two instances). And he’s right, it is indeed misleading. Here, I’ve highlighted it on the bottom of the screenshot:

And here, no need to highlight it this time:

I think you won’t deny that one can quite easily be misled by this. I won’t say that it is purposefully misleading, but it is quite clearly misleading.

Hello everyone!

A new Dorico user here. Started with version 3, worked professionally with inkpen and Finale for 22 years now.

I cannot find xml at all in the export --> menu of my newly installed Dorico 3 (see attached screenshot). I was surprised by this, by what I’ve read in this forum I was expecting to find at least a simple, work in progress-type of xml export?

I assume there will be a later release consisting of an improved xml export. Is that option left off in purpose for now, and will only be re-introduced once the feature is more fully implemented?

Thanks in advance!

No. There’s an issue that’s seemingly affecting every Mac user who’s switched to Catalina, and a very small number of people who are on Mojave - both Audio and MusicXML export options have disappeared. The development team are trying hard to nail this one down as soon as possible. See, for instance.

Anyways, for the time being, XML export is nowhere near the quality of XML import, but this is something that might change in the forthcoming months (I read that somewhere…)