Dorico Pro 3 won't open my own version 2 projects… what went wrong?

Just after updating to Dorico Pro 3 along with the latest 3.2. update of note performer I’ve come across a weird unexpected problem:

My own Dorico 2 projects apparently cannot be opened with Dorico 3. The program always shuts down immediately upon opening, but when I create a “diagnostics report” after restarting it, there are no files inside the “Crashes” folder of the diagnostics zip. That is weird.

I even tried changing the playback to “silence” of my own files in Dorico 2, saving them to a new file and then opening them in Dorico 3 - which also didn’t work.

But opening the Dorico template files, even from version 1 does work after all.

Do the software guys have an idea about what the actual issue behind this might be?

If you have a minimal score that causes this crash, could you email it to me at r dot lanyon at steinberg dot de, along with the diagnostics zip?

Will be mailing it in a few minutes! Thanks a lot!!!

Email has been sent.

Just for the record:

the issue with this file was that the Dorico team have done a lot of work improving playing techniques in v3. In doing so they had to update old files so that the playing techniques got all the new information they needed for v3. And that’s what was wrong with my file – apparently in my Dorico 2 file at one point I defined a playing technique and inserted it into my score, but thereafter I deleted or renamed the playing technique definition. Unfortunately (due to a bug in v2) this left an invisible playing technique lying around in the file, and when Dorico 3 was about to update that playing technique during import for v3 it always crashed.

Since I could not specify which was the specific playing technique that was causing this issue, I had to experiment with the file over the course of this afternoon and I found the two bars which I had to delete, save a new file and after that I was eventually able to successfully import into Dorico 3.
I guess this hidden playing technique also got carrried over into my current template file, so I’m gonna delete and rebuild that file as well.

The Dorico team themselves told my they have a fix internally for this issue, but it’s on a development build so they weren’t able to send it to me because it may have other issues…

Dear marco_polo,
Thanks a lot for sharing this information. Hidden non-totally erased things is certainly not the first thing I’d think about! Hopefully, that’s a situation few of us will encounter.