Dorico Pro 4 crossgrade from Sibelius

I own the standart perpetual version of Sebelius, can I still Crossgrade to Dorico Pro 4, even though I do not own Sibelius Ultilmate?

Hi. Yes, I believe you can. (I did some years back. IIRC all they need is your SCEP number from your Sibelius installation)

This is a bit complex given the way that Sibelius’s branding has changed over the years. The long and short of it is that if it’s the full unrestricted version of Sibelius, it’s eligible for the crossgrade (regardless of how old it is). If it’s a cut-down version it’s not eligible for the crossgrade.

Which version number/date are you running? It’s at the bottom of the About Sibelius dialog, or here:

If it’s older than April 2018, it’s definitely eligible for the crossgrade. If it’s newer, you’d need to give more information to get a definitive answer.

Its a version that limits you to only 16 Instruments from 2021. I suppose its not eligable then. Thanks for helping out anyways.