Dorico Pro 4 Licences


Quick background, I’m the I.T. Staff for our school, usually we manage what software we buy etc… But last year Our music department bought Dorico 4 and got students to make accounts and used the Download Access Code on their own accounts. Now we are having the issue that the licences are still assigned to the students accounts even though they’ve graduated, and our current year 12s cannot use the Download access codes (saying its already been used).

I’m wondering if there is anyway to forcefully disconnect the licencing from their accounts and how to go about using them in the future so that we can properly manage the licence.

We also have dorico pro 3 licences but don’t have enough, we have the USB licence for those which is how we’ve been running it/still do. But this is the second group to need to use our dorico pro 4 licenses.

Hi @student.test , welcome to the forum.

I notified one of our staff, who should be able to help you and will get in contact with you, soon.

Thanks @Ulf - I’ve sent a PM and we can sort this out.