Dorico Pro 4 License Not Used on Any Computers

Hello! I was trying to use the “deactivate licenses on unavailable computers” function earlier, but when I selected it, it said “no computers in use”. This puzzled me, then I went to check “Show Steinberg Licensing-based products” and selected Dorico 4, it said my license is not used on any computers! Is this a bug?

Yes, for some users in the first weeks of using Steinberg Licensing, activated computers wouldn’t appear in the back end. If you have access to those computers, the ideal thing to do would be to run Steinberg Activation Manager on each one and click Deactivate, but I guess that’s not currently possible?

Hmm but I’ve been using Dorico for years, and have definitely logged into Steinberg Licensing before in order to activate my Dorico licenses, so I wouldn’t be a new user…

No, not possible, unfortunately. It’s a device that was lost recently and now I have a license stuck in there…(thankfully I have other devices to use Dorico with now but would be nice to retrieve still!)

I’ve removed all of your Dorico Pro 4 activations for you, so you should be able to reactivate as needed on your current set of devices.